Posted April 11th, 2021
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A mistake I made in editing forced me to render a video again and screwed with my daily schedule so I might as well sit here and write a bit about upcoming videos.

T2X is being worked on like I've been promising despite some hiccups in the process. A hiccup being that after spending a day recording the first two missions again, I realised in editing that the footage had no audio. Well, nothing else I could do besides recording the missions yet again the next day, but I was so frustrated at that point that my recording of Mission 2 wasn't up to my standards and I went and did another take once I was calm again the day after. Quite aggravating
Still, I now have the first three missions done and the fourth one fully practiced and memorised. Considering that I've slated mission 4 for May 10th, four weeks from now, I'm cautiously optimistic about getting these videos done on time. The walkthrough will start on May 1st with Unexpected Shelter (again), after which there'll be a new mission every Monday and Wednesday for the following 6 weeks.

There are still a couple of videos I need to finish for this month. Second episode of the hit series Video Games with Trains will be coming out on the 21st. It is actually the video I had to render again and as I've already watched through most of the footage and know it's fine, getting the video done is only a matter of me not having screwed up in editing again. I decided to set the release date for the 21st because the third and last God of War: Chains of Olympus video I'm releasing that week, Challenge of Hades, is only 20 minutes long and after two weeks of having Tuesdaily videos of 90+ minutes that third week was looking a little sparse in comparison. It's an especially useful addition now that the 23rd will apparently be another Elusive Target day for HITMAN 3 and those are usually much shorter videos as well. This particular episode also needed to be done either this month or really far in the future for reasons I'm sure nobody can guess.
For Tuesday the 27th I'm going to record a 100% playthrough of Neighbours From Hell, a fun point-and-click stealth puzzle game. I did plan to record it as early as last December when I first decided to record several games at a time and upload multiple videos a week, but things happened and I was almost falling behind with the single weekly Hitman videos so I pushed all plans back for a while. Neighbours From Hell is only about an hour long in total and being a puzzle game it's very static and quick to record when you know the solutions from prior playthroughs. Only issue is remembering the solutions.

As it is the 25th anniversary of both Tomb Raider and Resident Evil this year, I figured it would be appropriate to at last record walkthroughs of both of the original games, or Director's Cut in RE's case. I put up a poll on YouTube asking which one I should do first and while Tomb Raider started out strong at first, Resident Evil had a significant lead by the second day. It's currently 50% for RE, 24% for TR and 26% shared between two extra options. Kind of strange when you consider that the only RE content I've ever done was a failed start of a terrible RE4 Let's Play back in 2010 or so while my Tomb Raider Legend walkthrough is the 2nd or 3rd most popular thing on my channel and other TR games have been semi-frequently requested in the past.
Personally I would prefer doing Resident Evil first myself, seeing as Tomb Raider is going to take a lot more work to record and the videos will take many more weeks to publish. The first Resident Evil only has two campaigns that can be completed in a couple of hours and I was considering the possibility of just doing a single long video for each playthrough, whereas Tomb Raider has 15 levels that last around 20-30 minutes each plus 4 bonus levels that I've never played, thus lasting about 9 weeks if I keep to my 3 videos a week schedule where one is always Hitman. I have also played Resident Evil only just last month so it's a little fresher in my mind at the moment, but my last playthrough of Tomb Raider was four years ago and I might need some serious practice first.
The plan is to get all secrets in Tomb Raider and the best ending and all files in Resident Evil as fast as possible and after I'm done with those two games I intend to continue both series. Not necessarily immediately, I can't promise that in the likely case I feel like doing something else in between, but I really like both series and I recently had a serious hankerin' to play the other Tomb Raider games I've never touched before. I opted to instead play the RE games I've never played before, seeing as playing on console works out better for me whenever I have videos rendering and I own most TR games only on PC.

I have also been considering livestreaming something extra every now and then ever since the HITMAN 3 stream, but I can't ever really decide what. A good choice would be Marvel's Spider-Man seeing as I already started it on Twitch last year, but I had to delete it to free up space on my PS4 so to stream it I would first have to delete a bunch of other games and then reinstall it. Then I would also not have any space for anything else because I need both HITMAN 2 and 3 installed for recording videos and those bad boys along with Spider-Man eat a lot of gigs let me tell you something. Another obvious answer would be HITMAN 3, but I don't really feel like playing it a whole lot outside of what I record for each week. Don't really feel like recording it most days either, but by being the most popular thing on my channel currently it is the last foot I have in the YouTube algorithm door and I would really like to eventually have all of my planned 150+(?) videos from these two newest games out, preferably this decade. I guess I could stream 'kill everyone' playthroughs or something and I'm sure I can think of other games to play if I just take a look at my library.

Oh, I also justified the text in these posts and added underlining to post titles. And you thought I wasn't working hard on this website. That's plenty of work for two weeks and if somebody tells you that text justification and underlining is as simple as adding two short lines of code, don't believe them. They're trying to trick you into thinking that a total amateur who took a short course or two of coding in the 8th grade could do all this, but it's not true. I'm a professional, don't you see?
Next time I think I'll increase the font size. Even I have trouble reading this shit.

Well, that's about everything I can think of and the video finished rendering a while ago, so just remember: watch the skies, everywhere. Keep looking. Keep watching the sky.

- Johnny D. Fox
Posted March 26th, 2021
Ah, After 10 000 Years I'm Free!

It's time to update website! A little bit. Not much. Not really.

Once again I have become more active on the Internet, starting July last year when I began uploading HITMAN 2 gameplay. Since then I have successfully increased my video output on YouTube from one to a whopping two videos a week consistently, with three looking like a possibility in the near future.

This return to form on YouTube prompted me to put this website to good use again as a place to post updates and offer a video release schedule. I've started working on this site a total of four times during the last four years, usually with the intention of using it as a compendium for my videos and to post reviews about stuff and some other things I'm always meaning to write, but to be blunt I suffer from what might be called the "recurring blues" and I easily lose all motivation early into most any project. For the sake of this post I copy/pasted small snippets from an unfinished version of the website I started working on in January of 2019, so the site will look a bit underdeveloped and lopsided for the time being. There's not much point in using the fullest version since majority of the pages, links and images I created don't really refer to anything that I'm going to actually put up here and I don't even remember what I actually managed to finish back then. If I can stay interested in creating videos, maybe I'll then find the motivation to keep working on this site to post updates and over time improve it as necessary.

If the text is too small to read comfortably, remember that web browsers usually offer a way to enlarge the page contents. On Firefox it's Ctrl + + or Ctrl and mousewheel up. That second plus sign is to signify pressing Ctrl AND the plus sign together.


I'm currently uploading the HITMAN 3 story playthrough on YouTube, releasing a new part every Friday and the videos are all already finished, just add a cup of uploading in the mix and get a complete walkthrough. After the story is finished I'll probably upload playthroughs of the Deluxe Escalations since I somewhat foolishly paid extra for the upgrade, a decision which seems even more like a mistake now that the news dropped about the upcoming DLC, also escalations, not being included in the deluxe package price. Yes, indeed, IoI are asking for another five bucks a pop for seven more escalations, or 30 for the whole lot. What little I have seen of people's reactions to this announcement has understandably not been very positive to say the least. Incidentally I am quite broke myself now, HITMAN 3 was the last luxury I figured I could afford myself for the foreseeable future, so IoI isn't getting any more milk from my teats and consequently my YT channel won't be seeing any videos of the sin-themed DLC, not unless I win the lottery. Which I can't afford to participate in.

Anyhow, after the Deluxe Escalations I am going to continue doing Hitman methods, of both HITMAN 2 and 3 missions. By a conservative estimate I'll be uploading these videos well into the year 2023, as I've decided to try and limit HITMAN related videos (or atleast 2 & 3) to only one per week so I have time to upload other games as well. This also means that the story walkthrough and escalations and methods I've already scheduled will most likely be pushed back every time there's a new elusive target activated or something like the upcoming Easter egg hunt special is released, as that kind of live content is time-limited and best released as soon as possible.

CHOO-CHOO! Looks like my train's come in.

Minor news: I'm going to be occasionally uploading non-walkthrough gameplay videos for my own amusement and to get a bit of a breather from long projects, but I'm not much into uploading just any random gameplay for no apparent reason so I deviced this ingenious excuse for doing it. Listen to this: TRAINS. Yes, that's right, trains. Train-themed levels in video games being showcased in a brand new hit series called... I'll think of something. The first episode is done and scheduled to release on Tuesday the 30th already, but after that it's going to just be some extra video here and there instead of taking up the Tuesday slot.
Honestly I mostly recorded it because I really wanted to finally upload something other than Hitman and the next walkthrough that I'm doing, while recorded to completion already, hasn't finished rendering yet and it could take plenty of extra days to get up and done if there are any issues with the footage that I didn't catch during my quick preview.

God of War

Next up, I'm going to continue the God of War saga playthrough I started with Ascension back in May of 2018 and yes, this is what I was referring to in the previous paragraph. I love the original six God of War games and it so happened that right around when I felt like playing them again I also had the entirety of HITMAN 3 recorded and had to leave my PC alone to render those videos for several days, so I managed to get some practice in. Although it did still take longer than planned to record successfully because I lost multiple hours of footage for various technical reasons and had to keep going back to redo parts. PS3 is prone to freezing and Elgato corrupts footage and some GoW games have serious audio and visual glitches.
The next part in my God of War saga walkthrough should release early next month.


Once the GoW videos are rendered and I've verified that they are indeed in good health and ready to be uploaded, my fullish and almost undivided attention will turn towards getting the long-awaited Thief2X walkthrough made. I had a little too much faith in my capability to record a high quality T2XHD playthrough and it was somewhat demoralizing to see that plan go sour when I spent so much time practicing and recording the early levels already, which is why I decided to focus on other games for a while.
I'm ready to return to it now and I'm going to try and record just the regular T2X this time, which is in some ways better than the HD mod. I experienced some slight visual bugs with the HD mod and the design of some minor elements like the health bar was lackluster in comparison to the original. I've already played through the entire T2X now and done some light planning on how I might go about playing the levels for the walkthrough. I would estimate that I will have the entire game done by the end of April, so the videos should start getting published at the beginning of May and I am planning on releasing two T2X videos a week in addition to the Fridayly Hitman videos.


Having spent 14 years now getting kicked in the nuts by YouTube, I have attempted to move on to using other video hosts on several occasions. I have/had accounts on DailyMotion, Vimeo, PwnOrDie before it became something different, a month before they announced shutting down and I believe I even had a account before they finally went under, although I never uploaded anything there because their TOS had rules against commentary-free gameplay footage and that's mostly what I do. Probably have had accounts on more sites than that, but those are the only ones I can remember off the top of my head.
Well, one day I found that I had suddenly turned into a far-right nazi, possibly contracted from watching too much EFAP on YouTube. When that happened I realized I could now try out BitChute, a video host not as popular with some people as it is with others. It is also banned from being mentioned or linked to on Twitter.

Don't worry, I'm not moving over to BitChute full-time, but there are plenty of videos I have made over the years and will most likely make in the future that aren't fit for YouTube for one reason or another. Vice City, Vice City Stories, Comix Zone, MGS4, MediEvil, LittleBigPlanet and Fist of The North Star: Ken's Rage 2 are complete walkthroughs I've done that you won't find on my YouTube channel anymore and the composer of Desperados' music got my channel a strike at a time when I already had one from when some people mass-reported all my GTA Vice City videos as porn and YouTube's robots agreed on some, but surprisingly not when it came to the G-Spotlight mission video that is the actual only occurrence of bare breasts in the game. You can sort of guess now why there are no GTA walkthroughs on my channel anymore.
Red Dead Revolver is going to be removed from my channel sometime in the future because the music copyright holders have already had many of the videos blocked everywhere or in most places and Red Dead Redemption, a game I created an entire new channel for, had the playthrough hit by so many claims from literally a dozen different video game news sites for resembling their trailers and gameplay footage that I ditched the whole project. I expect many other games not currently under the axe to also suffer and die eventually and there's no telling what games that I'm recording in the future are actually free to upload. I once started recording a playthrough of one of the Devil May Cry games, but that was during a time when Capcom was busy getting many DMC gameplays blocked and removed from YouTube and my video went away as well. I think Capcom might've eased up on DMC videos since, but for how long.

So you can see why having some alternative to YouTube as a backup is a good idea and currently that just happens to be BitChute. I have glanced at two other potential video hosts as well, but I wasn't hooked. BitChute does have it's issues as well, biggest one being the occasionally incredibly long processing period that seriously hindered my progress of uploading videos there at the start. Some videos have been stuck processing for weeks and I've read online about some person having to wait 8 months. I used to just reupload them after some time until one actually got processed, but it has gotten much better recently with the last several videos being ready in a matter of hours. It's still going to be slow going getting content up there as I'm only uploading to BitChute whenever I'm on my PC and have nothing else to do whatsoever. And when I can remember.
What's currently gone public are the first 10 parts of my 22 part 100% walkthrough of the original MediEvil for PS1, played on PS3. Check it out if you're interested in my potentially unseen videos:

Money me. Me, money, now.

It was suggested that I set up some way for viewers to pay me, so I made a Patreon page one evening. I'm not sure if it's really in working order yet, I think I'm supposed to set up tiers for patrons or something, but it exists at least. I was actually not recommended Patreon specifically, but StreamLabs and I think SubscribeStar instead, but StreamLabs spooked me with it being named STREAMlabs and the site having only references to livestreaming from what I saw and I'm not even sure what I thought about SubscribeStar, if that was what I looked at. I've heard more about Patreon than anything else so that's what I went with and if that's not any good then it doesn't really matter, creating it was free.
I'm not huge on the idea of giving money to random asses you don't really know who sit on their holes all day playing video games, for no other reason than playing video games. You know, people like me. However, considering that it is the world we currently live in and I am demonetized on YouTube and generally broke, why shouldn't I try to rob people, too?

If YOU have any ideas for how I can best entice people to give me money, then figure out a way to get in touch with me and let me know. I know I'm not being very helpful here, but if you end up on this page to read this post then you really should be familiar with some online profile of mine you can get in touch with me through, or else I'm going to be really confused by how you got here since I'm not even going to tag this site to help with search engine visibility.

The Patreon page is at You should look at it and pay me if it allows you to.
I'll try to work on it some more and think of some special bonuses or something at some point. I'm slow.

That's about it. Next on the docket for me is to post an abridged version of this post on YouTube, then I have to upload some videos on YouTube and BitChute, write some video descriptions, work on the GoW videos and then I'll see about putting up the video schedule I've often promised to have up on here.

Sleep well.

- Johnny D. Fox